Steven's Animal Sanctuary

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PO Box 363
Black Diamond, WA 98010

Welcome to Steven’s Animal Sanctuary


The mission of Steven’s Animal Sanctuary is to provide a loving and safe home for primarily senior or special needs animals that come to us. Animals that would become homeless due to life changing events rendering their owners without options to provide for them, especially horses and goats. We will take in select animals and care for them as members of the family for as long as they have good quality of life. In order to provide for as many animals as possible, those with a reasonable life-expectancy may be placed in supervised foster homes. A select few may be transferred into permanent homes with people working with us to provide a final refuge.

Steven’s Animal Sanctuary will keep these animals healthy and comfortable for as long as possible by providing excellent veterinary care and surrounding them with people who are committed to helping the animals have a peaceful life in their last years.

We recognize that sometimes life brings unexpected changes and we want to give people the peace of mind that their beloved pets will have a permanent sanctuary when/if that time comes.

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